N&W in 1911--Derailed

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Those articles are great! It really brought the Pokey to life.


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> Gordon, thank you for your many news items, and for this one as well.  Al Hock

> was my great-grandfather.  He died before I was born.  But I have a faint

> memory of my great-grandmother.  I had the 2 magazines which contained the

> stories he wrote.  I actually looked around on eBay and found more copies - in

> better condition - and acquired those.  Thanks again!


> Kim Hensley

> Huntsville




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> Bluefield Daily Telegraph

> September 29, 1911



> ------

> Engine Derailed


>     The Bluefield wreck cars were called to Flat Top yard yesterday afternoon

> to retrack one of the Norfolk and Western's big Mallet engines, No. 998, and

> Engine Driver Al Hock, the same engine and driver that turned turtle just west

> of the Graham tower last March*, in which case three wrecking outfits were

> required and nearly three days passed before the big engine was finally

> retracked.  In yesterday's accident, only five pairs of drivers were off but

> Engineer Hock was the "Casey Jones" again.

> *Occurred Oct. 17, 1910, according to an Oct. 18, 1910, BDT article.

> ------

> [As a footnote to the Oct. 18, 1910, BDT article that I posted here Mar. 27,

> 2010, about Engineer Hock and the 998 that rolled over I wrote:

> After he retired,Engineer Al Hock wrote a two-part story of his Pocahontas

> Division career that appeared in the March and April 1945 issues of Railroad

> Magazine.  He quotes the above newspaper article in his mention of the

> accident.  Also, my grandfather was likewise an engineer on the Pocahontas

> Division and contemporary with Mr. Hock, and the two families were friends. 

> When I was very young I remember accompanying my mother to visit the Hocks one

> day, and Mr. Hock gave me a couple of Railroad Magazines from his accumulated

> collection.  I wish I knew where those magazines are today."]


> Gordon Hamilton


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