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Thank you very much!

Dave Phelps

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For several years in the early 1950s -- and perhaps at other times -- some
N&W boxcars were temporarily equipped with steam heat and signal lines in
order to handle overflow Christmas mail and express in passenger trains. I
don't recall the class of cars so equipped, but they were probably the
newest on the roster at that time. They were not normally operated in the
passenger sections of the mainline trains, but were restricted to the
mail-and-express sections and to locals.

The Pennsylvania Railroad had a number of box express cars equipped for
passenger service that were regularly operated in the joint N&W-Southern
trains. No. 17, the Birmingham Special, frequently had such cars in its

Louis Newton

Checked the "dope sheet" issued by the Jacksonville Terminal Company for
December 21, 1964. It shows N&W 225 first out behind the engines on
ACL #375 (The Everglades). CONTENTS - express. DESTINATION-Jax.
The same night, N&W 1310 was on ACL 708 out of DeLand, FL. This was
a seasonal train that ran with FGEX, ART, and REX refers, some storage
mail cars and a rider caboose. The refers went to the REA dock at Jacksonville,
the break bulk point. Harry Bundy

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