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In the Norfolk and Western Passenger Service 1946-1971 book by Warden
revised by Miller there is a picture on pages 74 & 75 that shows the Pelican
in Bristol, VA in 1956 with, what appears to me, to be a B-8 box car
immediately behind the locomotive. The picture gives a fairly good view of
the side of the car.

Skip Sledge

In a message dated May 22 Dave Phelps wrote:

Yes, as you noted earlier in this thread, the five B-8a's with their cushion
underframe were used in LCL service. As to B-8's in passenger mail storage
service, N&W apparently did prepare the drawing
Type Drawing Locator NW Mech Dwg - NW-D45856 Description Steel Details
for Box Car Class B8 for Temporary Mail Storage Car Date 10/23/1953 Author
N&W Railway that's in the NWHS archives. Of course, whether the
conversion(s) were actually done, or were applied to some BSb's instead, I
certainly don't know. Hopefully others may.

Dave Phelps

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Just to clarify, I don't think any B-8's were modified for use in passenger
train service; there was a small group of cars that were in dedicated
less-than-carload (LCL) service; these would have most likely been in the
consists of local freights. LCL was not handled as such on passenger
that I am aware of.
Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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