Hollins College business car in excursion service

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I once received a printout from Norfolk Southern listing their business car
fleet at the time, with new number old number/Name, type, Service, and
location. It listed the dates some of the cars had NS markings applied to
them to that point. It listed NS 10 "Hollins College" with a date applied of
10/84. I have a photo of the car I took in March 1987 in NS markings in the
business car storage yard by the Roanoke Shops.

I also have a dog eared copy of a pamphlet from J611 being designated a
National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark (May 1984) which on the
cover shows 611 leaving Reidsville, NC on August 22, 1982 with Robert
Claytor at the controls. The Hollins College is the 4th car behind the
auxiliary water tender, and appears to be in N&W "colors" at that time.

Phil Miller

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It was assigned NS #10, but is listed as "sold" on the copy of the NS
business car drawings included with the Shellscale decal sheet. I've also
never seen a picture of it in NS paint, so I'm curious as to if it was
assigned a number but never relettered.

I know of at least one excursion, prior to NS, that it appeared on: the 1980
Independence Limited. I've also read references to it being used on other
excurions, but I never remember seeing it.

Marty Flick

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Can't answer those questions; but since it was a business car, I would not
expect to see it on excursions. Besides, as a sleeper, it had limited
seating capacity, which would not recommend it for excursions. Didn't it
eventually become an NS business car? Jim Nichols


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I'm looking for some additional information on the N&W business car "Hollins
College", #451. How often was this car used behind the 611 or 1218 on
excursion trains? Was it primarily used for multi-day trips, like the
annual Independence Limited? How long did it maintain its N&W lettering?

Marty Flick


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