Hollins College business car in excursion service

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It was assigned NS #10, but is listed as "sold" on the copy of the NS business car drawings included with the Shellscale decal sheet. I've also never seen a picture of it in NS paint, so I'm curious as to if it was assigned a number but never relettered.
I know of at least one excursion, prior to NS, that it appeared on: the 1980 Independence Limited. I've also read references to it being used on other excurions, but I never remember seeing it.

Marty Flick
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Can't answer those questions; but since it was a business car, I would not expect to see it on excursions. Besides, as a sleeper, it had limited seating capacity, which would not recommend it for excursions. Didn't it eventually become an NS business car? Jim Nichols

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I'm looking for some additional information on the N&W business car "Hollins College", #451. How often was this car used behind the 611 or 1218 on excursion trains? Was it primarily used for multi-day trips, like the annual Independence Limited? How long did it maintain its N&W lettering?

Marty Flick


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