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Short answer, from one Dave to another, Go for it!

Bob's emphasis centered on the passenger depot, but the first part also has
very detailed trackage diagrams and even a partial topographic map, as
well as a good general discussion of operations through and around Abingdon.
And, while not "Abingdon", the Nov. issue also has drawings of the N&W
class B-8 boxcar (a pretty generic Pullman PS-1 boxcar, but good photos and
full lettering diagram). And, the Dec. issue has drawings of the Abingdon
elevated crossing shanty in addition to the depot and platform shed.

Hope this helps!

Dave Phelps

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Hi all,
I've been thinking about purchasing the November and December 2001 issues
of Mainline Modeler magazine since I've seen that the include articles
pertaining to Abingdon, Virginia. My question is, if anyone knows, are the
articles worth having before I spend my money? What do the articles include?
Dave Grigsby

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