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This web site has information on Interstate steam locomotives (part of the site Dave identified). Of note are the 3 secondhand N&W Z-1a's. There are also former PRR and SRR locomotives. Interstate originated coal commonly went over the N&W to Norfolk (probably west too by way of the Dry Fork branch). I can remember strings of Interstate coal cars in N&W trains going through Giles County. From a modeling standpoint a bit of Interstate modeling is a nice compliment to modeling the N&W. As somewhat discussed in prior notes much of the Interstate is still productively in place. It's now a part of the Pocahontas Division of NS.
As a general note I see folks regularly asking questions about things that are easily accessible on the internet. Doing searches on the internet is very simple. If you've not done much of this I suggest that you do a bit of it. You will be amazed how much good information is out there on railroad subjects.
Ed Painter - Narrows, VA living in Russellville, AR

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Thanks for the great responses on the Interstate railroad. Ted C.
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