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The Interstate RR actually became part of the Southern Railway in 1960, with a full change over of ops in 1965. After the NS merger, the old Interstate became the Clinch Valley Extension of the Clinch Valley Division and later the CV District. In 1986, NS abandoned the line from Tacoma, Va to CSX's (CRR) Miller Yard. At that time a connection was made between the IRR and the N&W near the current location ofthe racetrack between Tacoma and Coeburn. Operations on the IRR and the N&W are still separated because of union agreements. Mine runs are discretely issued for assignment from either Andover Yard (IRR) or Norton Yard (N&W), as there are train ID's that are assigned to each yard.

Ed Wolfe has written 3 excellent books on the Interstate, as well as a pair of others covering either Coal Camp Life or the Southern Ry, respectively. His first book was published by Old Line Graphics in 1994, his second was with TLC Pubs. Since then, he has gone out on his own for publishing as HEW Enterprises.

Book #1 - The Interstate Railroad
Book #2 - Appalachian Coal Hauler; Interstates Mine Runs and Coal Trains
Book #3 - Interstate Railroad; Memories of an Appalachian Short Line
Book #4 - Coal Camps, Tipples and Mines
Book #5 - Southern Railway; Appalachia Division

Some websites to view are:

Within the past 24-36 months, Dan Borque has written a pair of articles on the both the prototype and modeling the area in Railroad Model Craftsman magazine.

Hope this helps, as a IRR modeler myself, feel free to contact me off-line if I can answer any other questions.

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There was a small railroad out of Andover, Va called the Interstate which I think was sold around 1960 and some of its trackage ended up as a part of today's NS. Can anyone tell me where I can find out information on the railway. Thanks very much.
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