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What was the result of a ticket in 82?  Was it a fine of the engineer by the police, was the train chased and stopped, or a fine of the railroad and eventual discipline of the engineer by the railroad?
Mike Rector

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I had a somewhat similar radar speed check experience during the 82-day
clerks' strike against the N&W in 1978.  During the strike I was
assigned as engineer between Bellevue, OH and Buffalo, NY, a 248-mile run on the
old Nickel Plate main line, and I eventually logged almost 11,000 miles at the
throttle during that time.  The double-track line through Lakewood, OH,
west of Cleveland encountered 21 residential street grade crossings in just
two miles!  The track speed through here was 35 mph, and several times my
"picture" was taken by the local police with hand-held radar guns. 
Luckily, I was right on the money in terms of speed each time.
Gordon Hamilton
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>Story told to me about my friend G.S. Flower, pokey engineer, late 40 to early 80's;

>In the early 50's the Sheriff dept. and Virginia Highway patrol had adapted a new traffic tool, the radar speed check system. Flower, who was a nuisance to the Tazewell Sheriff, had a repetition for a heavy throttle hand and was clocked going through North Tazewell Depot , freight in tow, at 45 MPH. I assume that the first ever speeding ticket for a Rail Road Engineer was sent to the Bluefield division office.



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