Article: Coal and the Caste System in America

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There also seems to be an upcoming TV show on "Coal" by the guys that did Ice Road Truckers and Axmen. My guess is that there won't be much on the interface with RR and the show will focus on the dangers of working coal seams, but might be worth a look. Discovery, I think.

Ed Svitil
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> Coal and the Caste System in America:


> This week's article about modeling early 1970's coal country.


> It's amazing to me how the coal towns were just as "caste" organized as the

> cotton farms down south.


> The photo for the week shows the town Red Ash, Virginia in Tazewell County with

> the N&W cars down in the valley and the "boss's" house up on the hill.


> Hope you enjoy,

> Gene Bowker

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