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Richard -
Perhaps the diagram as published as "Diagrams

Richard - Perhaps the "Diagrams of Standard Locomotives" of the Norfolk &

Richard - See the unbound book "Diagrams of Standard Locomotives"of the N&W
Railway Co,
1938 - updated to 1941, will be of help to you.  Published by TLC Publishing Co,
Lynchburg, VA
is what you are looking for. See Page 14 for a Plan view of the K3. Might be
availble from the Commisary of the N &W Historical Society.
Bob S

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Does anyone know of any published drawing which gives suitable dimensions for a
K-3 or any of the earlier versions come to that to give me enough info to
attempt to scratchbuild a model loco. Typically the sort of drawings that used
to appear in Model Railroader are what I am after, the type that give plenty of
basic info such as boiler diameters, wheel diameters etc etc etc. Thanks for any
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