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Without an approximate date it will be tough to locate info on the first welded rail installation in the N&W Magazines in the Archives, and it points up the need to have the Magazines scanned so that they will be word searchable like the N&W Ry. Annual Reports. To make the Magazines searchable it would be necessary to scan some 40,000 pages of the Magazine, but the N&WHS does not have the financial resources to do that. Anyone want to step up to the plate and underwrite this project?

It sticks in my mind that I have read somewhere that some of the earliest installations of welded rail on the N&W were on the Scioto Division and in Pepper Tunnel, but I cannot cite the sources. Maybe these were among the earliest mainline installations, whereas the Bluefield station installation was not considered to be mainline. Anyone have any more info?

One Magazine article that I do remember reading told how the N&W was welding two 39-foot rails into 78-foot rails to eliminate one-half of the joints. I think this was probably preliminary to the first installation of longer strings of welded rail.

Gordon Hamilton
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Where and when was the first section of welded rail laid on the N&W?

Jeff Morfit
Can't give the exact date, but maybe Gordon Hamilton can. Believe the
first welded rail went into the tracks at the passenger station, Bluefield.
There was an article, including pictures, in the N&W Magazine. Incidentally,
N&W also welded rail for the RF&P. Harry Bundy


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