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On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 9:08 PM, Gordon wrote:

> Bruce,


> Thank you for the interesting research that you have done on the North

> Carolina Extension. I would like to clarify two things. You mentioned the

> Norma Branch and additional trackage off that branch. Looking at your crop

> of the Speedwell quadrangle, what is the extent of the Norma Branch proper

> and what is the additional trackage? Also, what or where is Averhill that

> you also mentioned?


Based on the 1930 station listing, which coincides with the map, the Norma
Branch was 1.42 miles long. Dropping a string on the scale and stretching it
along the track gets it to about the second road where the 2279 elevation is
marked. There is a lot more trackage beyond that, which apparently belonged
to the Pulaski Iron Company to serve its mines in the area.

If one goes to the U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library at
http://libraryphoto.cr.usgs.gov/index.html and plugs in "cripple creek" and
"virginia" in the search fields, you should come up with images from that
area. Vary the terms to get additional images.

As to Averhill, it is on the 1913 list at 16.09 miles from Speedwell
Junction, with Speedwell at 16.40 miles. It does not show up on the 1930

Bruce in Blacksburg
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