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On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 9:43 PM, Jim wrote:

> Bruce


> You are the man Thanks. That is the info I have. Any idea what mine etc.

> was at Norma. I heard about the branch about 50 years ago and made a trip

> to the area to try to locate the old right of way of the branch. A local

> that I met told me how to get to the location of the junction of the branch

> and I did my best to follow his directions. Never did see any evidence of

> the old right of way for the branch. The Speedwell branch was fairly easy

> to follow but never did find any evidence of the Norma Branch. At that time

> I did not even know the name of the branch. I have the spelling as Averill

> in 1907 SST. I will check spelling in 1907 later. Could be a typo on my

> part.


And the hits just keep coming. How about that map? I remembered seeing a
topo map with the branch and making a copy of it, so I ran over to the
Virginia Tech Library (the university closed at noon for the holiday; I'm
taking the whole day to use up leave time). In the map collection is the
15-minute Speedwell quadrangle and the Max Meadows quad, edition of 1930.
One thing I recently learned was that it is possible to check these things
out (found that out when I was scanning the aerial photos [I haven't
forgotten about your request either, Ken]). I did the paperwork and did a
fast scan of the Speedwell map that shows the Speedwell Extension, then
cropped the part that shows the Norma Branch, complete with additional
trackage off the branch. The images are in the usual place:


I checked the station listings and it is "Averhill" in 1913. It dropped off
the list in the 1930 book, but the Norma Branch was shown as being 1.42
miles long at that time.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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