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> Bruce


> Any maps etc. that would show the Norma Branch connecting near Cripple

> Creek?


A friend passed on to me a few years a photocopy of two station books for
the Radford Divison, one from January 1, 1913, and one from May 1, 1930.
They list the station names, station number, and mileage points.

For the 1913 listing, the North Carolina Extension starts at Dora-North
Carolina Junction, 314.20 miles from Norfolk on the Pulaski District. The
Junction of the Speedwell Extension is 29.74 miles from the North Carolina
Junction. Cruising up the Extension, one goes through Asgood, Catron, and
Eagle, then comes to Cripple Creek 10.63 miles from the junction. Next is
the junction with the Norma Branch 11.07 miles from the junction, which
shows to be all of 0.76 miles long. Just beyond the junction is Va. I. C. &
C. Co.'s Tipple at 11.16 miles from Speedwell Junction. Other points are
Porter, Eva, Simmerman, and Averhill, before one reaches Speedwell 16.40
miles from the junction.

The Speedwell quad from http://historical.mytopo.com/index.cfm is dated 1939
and doesn't show anything out of Cripple Creek, it does show the Speedwell
Extension but has it marked as "Abandoned." I'll poke around to see what
else I might turn up.

Didn't someone post here when the Cripple Creek thread came up before about
a book he had written that covered the area and its history?

I've gotten the 1913 pages scanned and converted to tables and posted here:
http://filebox.vt.edu/users/bharper/nwrwy/NCext1913.html Next up will be the
rest of the pages from 1913 and the 1930 pages, so all of the Radford
Division will be covered.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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