Virginian Caboose 308 at Princeton

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Sun Oct 10 19:50:58 EDT 2010

I just thought you all might like to see the end result of the repairs
to the 308 at Princeton. She was pretty sad, as you can see in the older
photos (caboose section of the VGN yahoo site), but with a grant, the
City has had a major amount of work done to her, repairing the rotten
side sheets (not a perfect job, but better than the rot), repaired
windows, new paint, and as of yesterday afternoon, Virginian lettering.

There was a story in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph on Thursday

I contacted the reporter, and she came over yesterday during the
lettering process to do a follow up story.

Here is a photo from yesterday afternoon after we were finished with the
lettering, it was a beautiful day.

With the gondola in Princeton last Saturday, and the 308 this Saturday,
I feel certain that this was the first time two full size pieces of
equipment were complete with the Virginian lettering in a week since
sometime in the late 1950s.

Ken Miller

See image at following:

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