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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 4, 1911

Will Be modern and Up-to-Date and Work Will Begin Very Soon
At last Welch is to have a new station. The committee of Welch citizens who went to Roanoke to confer with the officials of the Norfolk and Western Railway, has brought this report from the Magic City. Work, we are informed, will be begun in the very near future upon the station, and it will be modern and up-to-date in every respect. The new station will be located at or about the site of the present one, and will be composed of two separate buildings, the passenger department and the freight department, both of which, however, will be under one roof. The buildings will be one-story structures and will be constructed of brick and stone. In the passenger department there will be a general waiting room of 30x40 feet, a ladies' waiting room with lavatories, gentlemen's smoking room with lavatories, and express room, baggage room and ticket office. The freight room will also contain several offices for employes. Umbrella sheds will extend from the corner of Wyoming street 500* feet up to and beyond the station building. The grounds about the station are to be paved. The lumber yards and sheds, section houses and other buildings on the Norfolk and Western right-of-way will be moved from the banks of Elkhorn creek, the tracks will be moved nearer to the creek and a first-class paved driveway and sidewalk will be made by the company along the banks of the creek. The railroad crossing will be where the present crossing is at Wyoming street.
*The first digit was indistinct on the microfilm. The best interpretation is shown.
Gordon Hamilton
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