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Hi Ken,

Your points are well taken. I am aware the head is very heavy,
unfortunately I was not the first to respond when Mason had a signal
head he needed to give away so I am looking for other ways of procuring
one. Should you want to get rid of yours, I am very interested :-) I
would even want a pole if available.

Best regards,


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>As Larry said, it is almost impossible to get from the railroad. You

>also need to remember, that when the railroad takes these things

>down, it is rarely, if ever, with care, most are damaged, broken or

>beaten up badly, they are generally dumped into scrap gondolas, and

>pulled out with a magnet and dumped in a pile. These things are also

>much larger, and heavier than you might think. A full head alone

>weighs in at about 400 pounds, a full pole, I don't know for sure. My

>signal pole is still laying across a baggage wagon in the backyard,

>because it is too heavy to handle and put up without a crane. The

>signal remains in pieces stored in the garage and storage building,

>this is at least 12 years after I got them!


>Good luck,

>Ken Miller


>On Aug 30, 2010, at 9:20 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:


>> Larry,


>> Thank you, I will look into Big Franks at East Williamson. A week

>> and a

>> half ago, I was actually down touring the Bluefield to Welch region.

>> When I go back, I will make a note to visit Big Franks.


>> Hakan


>> On Mon, 30 Aug 2010 18:32:03 -0400, NW Mailing List wrote:


>>> Hakan


>>> What are you calling a pilot signal. We have covered this

>>> before about obtaining signals from the railroad almost imposable.

>>> but their are junk yards, private collectors ,railroad shows and

>>> eBay.

>>> If your talking about the Williamson Area I think NS sells their

>>> scrap to Big Franks at East Williamson . If your their in person

>>> and see something thats not busted up I believe they will take

>>> your money.

>>> But don't expect them to know what a signal is.. Its just iron to

>>> them.


>>> Larry


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>>>> I am looking for an N&W pilot signal - any ideas how I could find

>>>> one

>>>> (except on eBay)?


>>>> Hakan




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