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In the final stage of writing my book "Midnight on the Pocahontas" I will note on a few other accidents involving 611. One picture I have from one of these accidents, which was printed in the book on the J by Kenneth L. Miller. It was labeled as from a collision with a bread truck in June 1953, at Crum, WV. I was able to show the photo to Tom Dressler at the 2002 N&WHS convention in Lynchburg, and Tom felt that the photo was from a incident in Portsmouth, OH. I do have a note on a collision from Portsmouth- of a car backing into the 611 in 1957, but this does not seem to answer for the damage in the photo. The photo seems to suggest something larger hitting the engine, something in the order of a dump truck or something similar.
I welcome any discussion on this matter, and would especially like to hear from Kenneth Miller. Unfortunately, Tom Dressler has since left us and cannot provide any more data on this situation.
Email notes are especially welcome.
Lois J. Ponton
Friends of the 611
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