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I attended an "O" gauge convention not long ago. In one of the sessions the speaker presented a graph to show how the "PD" factor would increase according to the amount of house space taken by the Layout... Finally someone ask, what is the "PD" factor. His response was,, "Probability of Divorce" ....
Gene A.

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Thanks to all who responded to my plea. I have a list of several people who responded and it appears the signal will is spoken for. Glad to be out of the doghouse.

Best to all on the list,


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Free to good home.

Genuine N&W position signal light head. The wife says the signal must go, or I do!

From former N&W Shenandoah Division and was working when it taken down.

Weighs in excess of 300lbs, so bring a pickup or trailer and some help to load it.

Mason Cooper
mycooper at


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