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Having received my shipment of books from printers yesterday, I can confirm that "Billion Dollar Coalfield" will be at commissary on August 1. You can read about "Billon Dollar Coalfield" as last entry on commissary website.

"Billion Dollar Coalfield" covers every coal mine and community located on the N&W main line and every branch line and spur track in McDowell County, WV from 1888 to 1988. Many of the mines are illustrated with N&W maps from siding agreements with the coal company. The book lists the original mine at a location and sucessor mines. One mine location near Auville Yard had 14 different owners between 1909 and 1936.

The book discusses the N&W's role in developing the coalfields and the thought that went into developing a coal community. Data is included (where available) from the 1923 coal commission report on how the communities were rated by the governemt agents.

Alex Schust
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