"Takin' Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon

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Probably a plate to identify the individual units of the electrics, since they
were interchangable in a 3 unit set. The big number plates were interchangable
also, although you had to remove some screws. . N&W used a similar system,
except the number plates dropped into slots.. On any given day, any loco number
could be on two units that were not originally assigned that number, but each
unit had a plate with a unit number.     Jim Nichols

Also shown was a builder's "class plate" donated by VGN Superintendent Hank
Kinsel to the N&W (and VGN) Historical Society. It is "EL-3I". The VGN
squarehead three unit sets were designated as EL-3A and single units as EL-1A.
Anybody out there know what the story is about this obviously VGN plate marked
"EL-3I"? I have posted a photo of this plate on this site under "Skip's Photos".

Skip Salmon

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