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The two bridges you refer to are currently part of the Wheeling and Lake
Erie Railroad. The line was once owned by the Pittsburgh & West Virginia,
then N&W/NS. These bridges are at either end of Rook Yard, which runs along
the Parkway West (I-279) .

The bridges are in pretty good shape, but the signs are starting to show
their age. At the west end of Rook Yard, the signs are composed of multiple
steel panels affixed to the side of the bridge trusses. If I had a
gazillion dollars, I'd approach the W&LE management and try to obtain the
sign on the north side of that bridge. It's removable, and still in pretty
great shape. Would look dandy affixed to the side of the James N. Gillum
Archives. And no doubt cause some confusion in the Salem Ave neighborhood.

Here's a railfan's website regarding the
with a nice high-level map. And speaking of maps, if you are into armchair
railfanning you can go to and search for "Rook Yard
Pittsburgh". (Please note the H at the end, there's a long story
behind it<>if you
are the curious type.)

....And you'd think I'd have some pictures of these bridges, but you know
how it is railfanning in your own backyard. Maybe tomorrow I will scoot out
there and take some. Please stand by...

Marty Swartz
N&WHS Webmaster (retired)
Pittsburgh, PA

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and
looks like work. -Thomas A. Edison
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