Bridges in Pittsburg

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The WPT cantilever bridge across the Monongahela into downtown Pittsburgh
served the old Wabash depot and the multi-story freight house at the Point.
Unfortunately, when built the depots, power house and track structure formed
a "Chinese wall" across lower downtown Pittsburgh-frustrating all efforts
for the redevelopment of the old Fort Pitt area ("the Point") of downtown.
This made the WPT depot complex public enemy number 1 in the minds of the
City government redevelopment forces.

The redevelopment forces won when the entire complex suffered a disastrous
fire in 1947 or '48 and was razed. The cantilever bridge was taken down at
the same time.

The "N&W Bridge" (of very unusual engineering architecture) which spans the
Parkway West (or I-376) near Carnegie, PA leads south out of the Rook Yard
which is still (somewhat) active. About 10-12 miles south of the yard on
this line is the awesome Mingo Creek viaduct. Some great railroading in this

Best regards,

Dave "former McKeesporter, still Steeler fan" Lambert


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Both were built about 100 years ago by the WPT, which later became the P&WV,
then part of the N&W about 1960. Have not unpacked my RR books since I
moved, so no exact dates. The more easterly of the two led to what is now
called the 'Wabash Tunnel', from which the RR line crossed the Mon. River
into downtown Pittsburgh. Think I recall that this connection, and the
cantilever truss bridge, were scrapped in the 30's or 40's. The bridge
piers remained, and may have been re-used to construct a commuter road from
the city into the southern hills area.

Jerome Crosson (formerly NJ, now MO)

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I was in the Pittsburg area on Tuesday going on

college tours with my daughter and saw two bridges on I376E

that had signs that said Norfolk and Western Railway Company

on them. Could not get any photos as I was driving. These were

high bridges and of steel construction. Does anyone know when

they were built and what they lead to or from?

Kurt S. Kramke

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