Bridges in Pittsburg

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Not to pick too many nits, but Pittsburg is in Kansas, California, and
maybe a few other places. I-376 is found in PittsburgH, PA.

Yes, I'm sure Jim is correct, having seen them numerous times during my
days in Erie, going to and from.

Dave Phelps

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Sounds like you saw bridges that had been built by the Wabash Pittsburg
Terminal, later P&WV, later N&W, and now I think part of the resurrected
W&LE. Jim Nichols

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I was in the Pittsburg area on Tuesday going on
college tours with my daughter and saw two bridges on I376E
that had signs that said Norfolk and Western Railway Company
on them. Could not get any photos as I was driving. These were
high bridges and of steel construction. Does anyone know when
they were built and what they lead to or from?

Kurt S. Kramke

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