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On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 7:25 PM, Kurt wrote:

> I was in the Pittsburgh area on Tuesday going on

> college tours with my daughter and saw two bridges on I376E

> that had signs that said Norfolk and Western Railway Company

> on them. Could not get any photos as I was driving. These were

> high bridges and of steel construction. Does anyone know when

> they were built and what they lead to or from?


The bridges originally were Pittsburgh and West Virginia and became part of
the Norfolk & Western in the 1964 merger package of Nickel Plate et. al.
That line is now part of the Wheeling & Lake Erie that recently received
extensive coverage in *Trains *magazine. The line ran/runs from Mingo
Junction, WVa. to Connellsville, Pa.

As you are traveling toward Pittsburgh from the airport on the Parkway, the
first bridge near the Carnegie exit carries the line to the west end of Rook
Yard, which serves the area. At one time there was an auto unloading area
there. The Parkway makes a loop and heads down Greentree Hill toward the
Fort Pitt Tunnels, where it goes under the second bridge. That bridge
carries the same line on to the east, after it leaves Rook Yard and enters a
tunnel under the borough of Greentree. There used to be another lower bridge
that carried another part of the line across the Parkway yet again. There
was a branch that took off from the main line and dropped down along Saw
Mill Run to the West End at the Ohio River, to connect with the Pittsburgh &
Lake Erie Railroad (now CSX).

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