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I have a couple of quasi-similar airline tales from when I used to
ravel extensively
The study team had been in Decatur, IL for five days and was looking
foreward to Friday even though getting home would require one flight
Dktr to O'Hare, and one O'Hare to Roanoke. Prior to the Sou merger, N&W
leased two jets for company use. Mr. Claytor had to be in Detroit on
that Friday and the Travel Bureau notified us that instead of coming
back to Roanoke commercial, the Lear jet would operate Detroit to Dktr,
pick the study team up and then proceed to Roanoke. There was this
restaurant in Dktr that made a lemon chess pie that was a knock-out. So
while we're waiting to board the company jet, the van from the restaurant
drives up and unloads its goods. Now I'm not saying the jet flew from
Detroit to Dktr just to pick up lemon chess pies. Nor am I saying that
Mr. Claytor was overcome by his importance. Had it not been for R.B. Claytor,
I wouldn't have had an N&W job. On take-off, the tower operator radioed
that he'd seen smoke from the Lear jet, would the pilot please circle. On
second pass, the tower operator noted no visible defects. That's when
Mr. Claytor took the controls. You see, he could operate steam locomotives--
and jets, even though the FAA didn't know about it. Harry Bundy

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