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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
October 26, 1910

Cow Killed by Train
A cow belonging to Mrs. Griggs, of the west end, strayed out on the railroad track yesterday morning in an effort to emulate some of the tramps who count ties, but bossie could not go the gait, even though she had four legs to the two usually owned by tramps. She inadvertently got in the way of a Clinch Valley passenger train and stopped there long enough to get killed and throw the engine from the tracks. The poor cow, which never meant any harm, mussed up the cow catcher considerably but the cow catcher failed to do its duty and instead of catching the cow it allowed her to immolate herself on the alter of progress. After the railroad engine got through with her cowship she was not even good for the ordinary uses to which the beef trust would put cows which were killed accidentally or otherwise.
Gordon Hamilton
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