The Enigma of Walt Willard

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Final details regarding "Midnight on the Pocahontas"

1. Details on the Willard Family. According to Ernest Hoback, Walt had three brothers working for the railroad: James, John and J. W. "Spot" Willard. There were also one other brother and a few sisters. Just who Walt's parents were and where they came from I don't know.

2. Williamson Daily News, etc. tracking of the wreck investigation. I would like to see what became of the plan to send Mr. Willard's heart to a pathologist to see if Mr. Willard had died of a heart attack.

3. Information regarding ANY efforts toward the 611's preservation.

4. Photos of key sites and train crew members (email me for list)

Also, I need a graphic designer to do the layout of the book. Jarrell Greever was originally to do it, but since he had passed away, the position is open. I do not know if the information regarding "Pocahontas" was retrieved from the Greever files, I might just work up more for a new designer.

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Don't know. I am still trying to track down the Willard family.
Lois J. Ponton
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> I worked at Wilcoe in 1962 and a fireman named Willard was on one of the

> mine shifters.


> Any kin to Walt?


> EdKing

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