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Speaking of all this steel making business in N&W's service area got
me thinking about a commodity that we used to handle on the old Durham
and Southern Railroad. At that time, I was working SCL's Engineer's Extra
Board in Raleigh, NC and would occasionally "borrow out" onto the D&S
whenever they would have a vacancy. As y'all may recall, N&W was D&S's
major interchange partner in Durham, NC. There was a lot of stone
routedLilesville, NC -- SCL -- Apex, NC -- D&S -- Durham, NC -- N&W --
Alloy, WV. We simply called it "alloy rock" because that's where the
consignee was but don't really know anything about the commodity itself.
Did N&W serve some kind of steel making operation at Alloy, WV in
more recent times?
You guys "keep 'em on the rails."
Dale W. Diacont

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