CSX reroutes..

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Hey gang,

Here is some info that I got on the CSX hopper train that went west last

There are a couple CSX customers that get some coal periodically from
some mines on N&W. So this was one of those trains, it came west on the
C&O James river sub to Balcony Falls and took the connector to CSX
Connection on the N&W at Glasgow. That all I know for sure, now what
follows is figurtive. The connection faces North on the Valley Line
(Roanoke Dist.) So the train probably, after, be taken over by a N&W
crew, pulled north to clear the connection. Then it was probably ran
around so it could head south, this then put the locomotive facing Long
Hood forward. The train then continued on south to Roanoke where it went
west from.


Nathan Simmons
trainman51 at gmail.com

On 3/21/2010 18:54, NW Mailing List wrote:


> Jimmy,


> There were four CSX units and believe they were long hood forward.

> They were by Christiansburg at 8pm…. at about 40mph.


> Thanks for all your contributions. It is interesting to hear from

> someone who is out there on the track.


> Ray


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> Raymond,


> I curious if the train you saw had the same CSX units running long

> hood forward. I passed this train at 65 Xover and it had maybe four

> CSX units and all were facing long hood south ( west to you). Not the

> best way to run GE units.


> Jimmy Lisle



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