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Sat Mar 20 10:28:40 EDT 2010

Just bought a pocket watch with Norfolk & Western Railway on the upper part of the dial face, and a rendering of a "J" pulling a passenger train on the lower part of the dial. The front of the case has a fairly nicely detailed 0-4-4-0 with a tender and a heavyweight behind it. Back of the case is just a floral design.

Was expecting a quartz movement when I saw it, but picked it up and found it to be a "real" watch. Was very surprised to find it's actually a nice watch with maybe five movements per second, but no markings that might help identify it.

Were these watches produced during the excursion days? That's my guess, anyway. I'd just like to know a little more about it's history. Don't care about valuation or anything like that - no matter when it was made it's part of the family now.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Vince Albert

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