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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
September 28, 1910

Human Hand Found
Some excitement was created at Kimball on Monday when R. L. King, colored, found a black hand which had been severed from a human body. The hand was lying near the Norfolk and Western track, on the west end of the Kimball cut, between Kimball and Norwood. As far as could be learned here yesterday no one has laid claim to the hand which someone has certainly lost [Can't argue with that conclusion!]. It is supposed that some colored man was lying beside the track asleep and under the influence of liquor when the noise of a passing train awakened him to such an extent that he threw out his hand which fell under a car wheel, resulting in the severing of the hand. Information leading to the recovering of the hand may be secured by writing Mayor Cook at Kimball.
Cut to Pieces by Train
Tom Bush was killed Tuesday night soon after 8 o'clock in the second tunnel west of Virginia City [Little Bull Tunnel], on the Clinch Valley, by a special train which was carrying a number of minor officials who were making a trip of inspection over the line. Bush was cut to pieces and the only way by which identification was made possible was through some papers which he carried in his pocket. The man was employed as a mine boss by the Virginia Iron, Coal and Coke Company and made his home at Coeburn. His remains were taken to Coeburn for interment.
Schedule Little Changed
The train schedule which will go into effect next Sunday morning was completed yesterday at Roanoke. Contrary to previous reports train No. 12 will not be changed. Train No. 4 will arrive in this city ten minutes later than formerly and this will be the only change except that train No. 9, which now leaves here at 6 a.m., will go through to Williamson whereas it formerly went up Tug Fork. Train No. 7, which leaves here at 10:50 instead of 10:45, will go to Iaeger instead of to Williamson as formerly. Returning the train will arrive in this city at 6 p.m. Train No. 9 will return to this city as No. 2 and will arrive here at 12:05 as at present. Trains No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 17 and 18 will not be changed. Trains No. 9 and 7 will leave at the same time except that they will make different trips.
Another Auto Arrives
J. T. Thornton has bought a five-passenger Franklin touring car to this city which he recently purchased at Richmond [He purchased the city at Richmond?]. The car is at the Mercer County Garage, where it is being overhauled preparatory to doing a few stunts around the roads in this section. It is an air cooled car and is the second car of this type to be sold to a Bluefielder.
Gordon Hamilton
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