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Thanks for getting the record straight.

Jeff Sanders

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The info on the TWVRPS site is hopelessly out of date. The equipment from
the Virginia Scrap Iron & Metal yard was rescued last August. The 15,000
gallon tender is now sitting behind M2c no. 1151 at the Virginia Museum of
Transportation. The 16,000 gallon tender is at Will Harris' shop in Goshen,
being refurbished for display behind M2 no. 1134, which is going to
Portsmouth, VA. The other M2, no. 1118 went to the Roanoke NRHS Chapter
along with one of the CW diesels. The second diesel is also currently in
the NRHS chapter's yard for cosmetic restoration (as is the 1134), and will
go to the VMT. The funds raised by TWVRPS are going to the NRHS chapter to
support the restoration work.

Richard Jenkins

> this site may be your answer

> http://www.twvrps.org/leor.html it os about the

> VA Scrap Iron engines.


> What ever happened to the couple of aux. tenders that were

> outside of Va. Scrap Iron in Roanoke? They were parked

> there for many years along with the Chesapeake Western

> Baldwin switchers.

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