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Wed Feb 24 15:48:40 EST 2010

John Hecker wrote:

> I was pleasantly surprised at the end of Penn Ave. the covered hoppers

> belonging to Roanoke Cement. The hopper's reporting marks are RCCX 150.

> Can anybody tell me where these cars are loaded?

They are loaded at the Roanoke Cement plant at the end of the Cloverdale
branch. ("Lonestar" on the railroad)

> Do they travel down the Winston-Salem District from Roanoke?

Yes, among other routes.

> Last question; were these RCCX cars around in the 80's?

No. The RCCX cars were built in 2003-2004.
RCCX 101-120 BLT 07-2003 Trinityrail Job 2893.
RCCX 121-181 BLT 09-2003,01-2004 Trinityrail Job 2909.

Besides the RCCX cars, they still loads lots of N&W/NS 2 bay covered
hoppers cars.

During the 1980s, I SUSPECT the cement traffic would have moved mostly
in N&W 2-bay covered hoppers. But someone who was around the Roanoke area
during that time would have to confirm.

Joe Shaw
Christiansburg, VA

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