N&W coal Movement in 1910

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Yes. Ford Motor Company owned a number of mines in WV and KY under the Fordson name. Henry Ford's son (Ford Son), Edsel Ford was company president.

Fordson bought the near 5,538 acre property from JBB (DEXCAR) Coal in 1923

When the UMW attempted to unionize the mines at Twin Branch in 1933, the mines were shut down, the houses were boarded up, and the property was essentially closed. Ford Motor Company sold the property to Darr Smokeless in 1944 and in 1948, Darr Smokeless leased the property to Jones & Laughlin Steel. J&L eventually acquired the property and operated it until 1957.

My new book, "Billion Dollar Coalfield", which will be available through the NWHS Commissary this summer (if I ever finish the last two chapters), will cover all of the coal mines along the N&W in McDowell County, WV.

Alex Schust
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That coal From Fordson coal Co. at Twin Branch, WVA, was that a Ford Motor operation?
K. Borg


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