Exact Dates of Emblems

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Mon Jan 18 21:41:23 EST 2010

Hey Everyone!

Your help is greatly needed! I am modeling the N&W Pocahontas
division in HO for my model railroad. I want to model the transition
era (such a great time to model with the peak of N&W Steam
technology) but I need to know a basic fact that I am having trouble
finding. I am pretty sure the N&W Switched to the Blue and Yellow
paint scheme after the merger in 1965. However, I was wondering was
it at this time that they switched from the script style circle
emblem seen on the N&W HS emblem to the more simplified circle with
the half circle areas filled in? I need to know so I can have the
correct paint schemed early diesels doing the dirty work next to the
steam engines. Thank you so much if you can help me out!!!

Logan Greene

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