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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
July 17, 1910

New York Central Likely to Become Ultimate Owner of Virginia [sic]
There is a rumor in New York and eastern cities that the Virginian Railway will pass into the hands of a receiver before many months. This rumor is based on the fact that an attempt is being made to take up the seven per cent. Rogers notes with Virginian Railway bonds and on the report that the Virginian is in need of ready money for many purposes and this money is not being advanced by the Rogers estate. The rumor is denied by the railway officials who declare positively they never heard of such a thing but the rumor continues to go the rounds. The Norfolk and Western and the Chesapeake and Ohio cannot own it as they could not operate it under the interstate laws. The Pennsylvania might take it but it is much more reasonable to suppose, judging from other preparations which have been made, that the New York Central will be the people who will eventually become the owners of it.
Gordon Hamilton
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