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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
July 15, 1910

Norfolk and Western to Make Bid for Through Passenger Service

There is a rumor in railroad circles that within a year Bluefield will have a fast train running from Columbus to Norfolk which will compete with the passenger trains on other roads which make more of a specialty of carrying passengers. The rumor states that as soon as the double track work and tunnel work is completed on the western division and the extension of the Winston-Salem line to connect with the Atlantic Coast Line is finished a train will be run from Columbus to Norfolk which will have a southern connection over the Winston-Salem route. This train will have the best cars to be secured and will give a short route to the south from the north and west. One rumor has it that there will be a solid vestibule train which will make stops only at important points and will run direct to the south, while another states there will be a vestibule train from Roanoke on, part of the train going into Norfolk. The Chesapeake and Ohio calls its fast trains the Fast Flying Virginian, but the Norfolk and Western train should be known as the "Sunny South Route." Everyone in the north talks about the Sunny South and the southerners like it. The traveling men would like to see chair cars on some of the trains the road now has as it is pretty hot riding though the coalfield these days.
Gordon Hamilton
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