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Great Arrow as usual.

I wanted to note one error I observed in "Diesel Timeline; Part 3" (it's a great continuation of the first 2 articles) The FM Trainmaster at the bottom of page 20 is identified as being ex-Wabash 3596. I think when looked at it more closely the locomotive number is actually 3598. (I have 35mm slides I took of this locomotive at Mullins and Elmore in 1973 and 1974). It's also not ex-Wabash but ex-Virginian (if you look at the louvers on the top side of the long hood and spark arrestor there are no ALCO repowering mods - all the Wabash TM's were re-powered by ALCO in 1964 prior to the N&W merger) - and too all the ex-Wabash TM's were painted blue, not black.

Several H-24-66 TM's went through retirements/renumbering due to equipment trust issues?

In reviewing official N&W Diesel Locomotive Retirement sheets and other N&W roster info along with data from a railfan friend (retired-NS) here's the history of N&W road #3598:

Wabash 550 became Wabash 598 and post N&W merger it became N&W 1st #3598.

1st #3598 was shown as retired in 6/1969 (but a note next stated it was restored 7/69)

Ex-VGN #167 was shown as being retired during 4/70. In reality ex-Wab 1st #3598 was retired and road #3598 was applied to ex-VGN #167 making it 2nd #3598.

Road #3598 was next assigned to ex-VGN road #153. This occurred when 2nd #3598 (ex-VGN 167 shows as retired in 4/70). 3rd road #3598 was ex-VGN 153. (This would be the locomotive pictured on page 20 of the Arrow and page 242 in "N&W First Generation Diesels"; also inaccurately captioned....I too photographed it in 73/74).

(ex-VGN 153 shows as retired during 7/71) The last renumbering (4th #3598) occurred when ex-Wab N&W road #3592 was renumbered road #3598. I photographed this locomotive (Pevler Blue/ALCO re-engined) at the East End Shops in Spring 1974, first as #3592 and later #3598. The renumbering involved only changing the 2 to an 8 on the cab. Surprisingly it was done rather neatly in blue and yellow.

Both ex-Wab N&W road #'s 3592 and 3598 show as being rebuilt into RP-F6's. 9/74 for #3592 and 6/75 for #3598.

Bottom line N&W road #3598 was applied to 4 different N&W TM's. It can get a bit confusing to say the least @#$$@!. Summary...

1st N&W #3598 was ex-Wab #398
2nd N&W #3598 was ex-VGN/N&W #167
3rd N&W #3598 was ex-VGN/N&W #153
4th (and last) N&W #3598 was ex-Wab/N&W #3592

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA currently living in Russellville, AR

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