Dwarf Signal Light Bulbs

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I a similar type situation that likewise shows the horror of PC's financial condition, while shooting trains on Horseshoe curve several years ago I had pleasure of conversing with an retired individual who had been in management with NYC/PC/CR. In discussing the poor mainline track conditions (PC mainline track conditions were atrocious) that were so widespread during the PC era he told of going into railroad yards and tearing up good but unneeded trackage to salvage good crossties so the Company could do essential mainline crosstie replacement . PC couldn't even afford to buy new crossties!

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA - Currently living in Russellville, AR (also in NE Ohio for 7 years during the PC and early CR era)

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I was told a story by a Conrail signal maintainer who was also a Penn Central maintainer that money got so tight on PC that they were robbing the back up lamps out of all of the company trucks to use in signals. They only put bulbs in the outer lights and would omit the center bulbs, if necessary.

Larry S.
N&W Signal Dept.
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