Radford 301 Station

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The stations were probably numbered according to the mile post. The Radford
tation was probably at the N301 mile post. A lot of N&W railroad buildings were
umbered this way. The Scioto Division superintendents house on Waller Street in
ortsmouth had a zinc tag with the mile post building number over the front
oor. Most permanent structures had such a tag near the main entry.
Larry S.
&W Signal Dept.
aving consulted N&W's 1972 List of Stations and Sidings, there were 327
entries if the Durham District, Shonondoah Division and others are
included. If state lines, Hyco Spur, and industrial sidings constructed
after 1944 are excluded, it comes very close to 301. The Accounting
Department used station NUMBERS - each station was assigned a number-
kinda like USPS's zippity-doo-dah code. Ex: Roanoke is 10254 (254 mi.
from Norfolk). I though maybe Radford's station # would be 10301, but
it's 15555. If the station is off the main line, the first 2 digits change.
Harry Bundy

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