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One thing to consider is does this also include stations along the branch lines to Durham, Winston Salem, Shenandoah Valley, etc. Also don't know if they are consecutively numbered or are of a total number "west of Norfolk".

One thing the magazine article does not bring out is that Radford had two railway stations until 1938: one was named Radford [actually West Radford], and the other was East Radford. In 1938 the old Radford Station was torn down and the article reflects that the old East Radford station simply became RADFORD after that.

Bud Jeffries
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Norfolk and Western Magazine
November 1938

Name of Station at Radford Changed for Third Time

Just recently the State Corporation Commission granted the request of the N. & W. Railway to change the name of the East Ward Station to Radford. This will bring the name of the railway station into conformity with the post office organization. The two post offices were consolidated June 1. So it goes that this is the third name for this station: Central Depot, East Radford and Radford. At the time the station was located here it was know as station 301, being the 301st station west of Norfolk on the railroad.

Gordon Hamilton
Something's not correct here. Based on the location of the "0" Mile Post which I believe was on Water Street at Norfolk, there'd be a station for every mile oftrack because Radford was roughly 300 miles from Norfolk. For example, fromJuniper (in the Dismal Swamp) to Suffolk, there's 6.09 miles without a station. Harry Bundy, Dispatcher (for one day)


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