N&W in 1910--Mallet engine

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My great grandfather authored a couple of article's of his time on the Pocahontas as an engineer.

After the 991 arrived, he was the first engineer out of the Bluefield yard to put it through its paces.

He was then assigned to the 998, and had the dubious but unwanted distinction of rolling the first Mallet!

Both he and the fireman jumped. Nobody was hurt.


If you don't mind telling me, what was your Great Grandfathers name?

I have my Father's 1942 seniority roster and time book for the Pocohontas division and Bluefield yard that includes employ hire and promotion that dates back to 1893. Also in his hand writing are listed the crew members when he was out on the road.

Thank you;

Gene Arnold

Gloucester, Va.
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