N&W in 1910--Mallet engine

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I wonder why it was the 901.

I thought the 901 was a W-2.


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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 1, 1910

Monster That Arrived Last Night Created Stir in Local Yard

Last night about 7:45 o'clock engine No. 901, one of the new large Mallet engines built by the American Locomotive Company, at the Schenectady, N. Y., shops, arrived in the city. The engine pushed in a small train of empties and was driven by Engineer Charles Musser while Conductor Berger had charge of the train. The engine made quite a stir at the local yard, where the men who received their first information of the coming of the engines over a month ago in the Daily Telegraph have been watching for it every day.
The weight of the engine and tender together is 533,600 pounds, while the engine itself, not including the tender, has a total weight of 373,000 pounds. It requires 9,000 gallons of water to fill the tank, which is carried to supply the engine with water. The engine has a tractive poser of 85,000 pounds which can be increased ten per cent by changing the engine into a single expansion. The total heating surface of the boiler is 4,905 square feet while it is fitted with 334 tubes, each twenty-four inches [sic., feet?]long, giving a heating surface of 4,700 square feet. The engine is named after M. Anatole Mallet, a prominent French engineer, who first developed the type of engine. The Norfolk and Western ordered five Mallet engines from the American Locomotive Company [Class X1], and five from the Baldwin Locomotive Works [Class Y1]. The engines are arriving daily and will be used between Northfork and Bluefield.
[I wonder why American Locomotive Co. built the X1's in Schenectady instead of in Richmond. Maybe a scheduling consideration?]

Gordon Hamilton


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