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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
May 24, 1910

Men About the Depot Say Hardly a Day Passes That He Does Not Prevent an Accident
Some of the men at the depot think that Gus Hubbard should receive a Carnegie hero medal. He is not a hero in the commonly accepted sense of the word, but hardly a day passes that he does not prevent someone from cutting his or her legs off or even ending their existence on this earth. Gus is the local station master and his work is to see that the trains get out of the depot on time and a number of other things which the ordinary man does not see him do. Every day when No. 1 pulls out of the station, preparatory to backing up on the second track so as to hitch up to the dining car and Pullman which comes to this city from the east. Gus takes his place on the curb and no sooner does he do this than two or three, sometimes men and sometimes women, start to catch the train thinking they are about to get left. This is where Mr. Hubbard shines, for often he sees these people and shouts at them in a commanding voice with the result that they give up the effort to catch the train and in this way prevent what might be a serious accident. Somehow or other people will try to board that moving train every day, and if it were not for the watchful station master, it is very likely that someone would lose a limb at least once a week.
Gordon Hamilton
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