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Never heard this one before, but no, not true. The 611 was the last
survivor, and the only one in operating condition by summer of 1959.
The 611 did and still has a number of parts from other Class J
locomotives, I remember seeing tags for 600, 608, 610 and 607 on
various appliances and parts, probably more as well.

None of the Class J were ever renumbered.

He may have heard the story of the C&O J-3a No. 614, which was
renumbered late in the steam era to avoid a conflict with a leased
RF&P locomotive, it was renumbered simply by chiseling the part of the
4 off the number plate, making it 611, which it remained at until
restored to operating condition in 1979.

Ken Miller
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> I had the pleasure a few years ago of attending an environmental

> course with a member of the Norfolk Southern environmental

> department. I struck up a conversation with him and during the

> course of that conversation he said that the 611 was really the

> 610. Some time prior to or at the time of the decision to preserve

> a J-class, a high ranking Norfolk & Western executive ordered the

> number change. If my acquaintance gave a name of the executive I

> cannot recall it. Does anyone have more details about this or is

> this just an "urban legend" associated with 611?

> Rick Huddle

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> I've always heard that the 611 was preserved because it was the last

> J remaining and O. Winston Link made a personal appeal to Stuart

> Saunders to save it. I'm sure the Link Museum can provide more

> definitive information.

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