N&W in 1910--Mail robbery -- great names and movies -- PLUSDead Bodies on the N&W Main Line In MAC Dowell County, WV!!

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heard the body count would go after pay day at the mines when the poor miners would go in town get drunk and get robbed. Kind of like the mugging gangs that preyed on tipsy sailors in port cities.


-- The poor man was probably the bad loser of a poker game --

Drunk ? Poker games ? How about Keystone's main attraction,

Cinder Bottom ? One N&W employee who owned a service station

in Keystone once told me that those providing service were just like

locomotives -- the West Virginia Health Department required that they

be inspected (at Welch) every 90 days. (Actually a locomotive can go

93 days between federally-mandated inspecions). Harry Bundy

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