N&W and VGN in 1910--Employees

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 27, 1910

Government Compilations Show Relative Liability of Various Workers To Disease

Compilations have been made, from government reports, showing the relative liability to disease of the employes in various trades. According to the returns so far tabulated by the census bureau, the occupation of the steam railroad employe is the healthiest of all. In a long list of maladies, the only one to which the railroad employe is more liable than the workers in manufacturing or agricultural trades is typhoid fever, and to this he is far less liable than are the workers classed as "laborers." The figures show that the railroad man is far less liable to consumption [tuberculosis] than the workers in the manufacturing and mechanical industries. Heart disease and pneumonia are rarer among railroad employes than any other working men.
Gordon Hamilton
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