N&W in 1910--Dumps Creek branch

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I always wondered why the area north of Carbo was called Clinchfield.
That makes sense now.

Sandy Ridge tunnel on the branch was also N&W's longest, wasn't it?

Ben Blevins

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> Bluefield Daily Telegraph

> March 13, 1910



> ------

> The Dumps Creek extension of the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio Railway

> [Became N&W's Dumps Creek branch in 1956.] will be shipping coal over the

> new rails by March 23. This statement was made last night by a gentleman

> who is close to the management of the road and who should know. At Present

> the forces at work on the extension are busy with bridge work. Six miles of

> grading have been completed and three miles of track has been laid. This

> work will connect the road with the Norfolk and Western at Kiser [Renamed

> Carbo somewhere in 1919-1920.] from which point the Norfolk and Western

> tracks will be used as far as St. Paul. From that point south the road

> will use its own rails until it reaches Spartanburg.

> ------

> Gordon Hamilton

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